Sunday, January 22, 2012



It starts again today.  Another NEW Year to RE-START Your Journey towards a NEW LIFE!

If you're still determined to change your body and your life -- to be  Stronger, Fitter and Healthier -- then you need to realize a few things about you:


Ok, I'm not going to lie to you. The road to being fit and healthy isn't going to be easy. There's going to be a lot of sacrifices that you have to make. A lot of  lifestyle changes. 

Exercise, Sweat, Increased Heart Rate, DOMS (Delayed Onset of Muscle Soreness), Body Aches and Pains (every now and then), EPOC (Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption) will become your new bff's.

You will hit a lot of road bumps, distractions, temptations and lot of obstacles that will make you  lose focus and and stray off course.

Because the journey to being Fit and Healthy isn't easy, I created the Fit-Fil Movement Program to help Filipinos attain their fitness goals. From scientific and effective cutting edge programs, practical nutrition recommentdations to motivational tips to help you stay on track.

If the Biggest Loser Contestants were able to change their bodies and their lives, if the highly trained elite national athletes can still get better, then SO CAN YOU!

One of my all time favorite motivational quote:

"Identify exactly what it is that you want. Then don't let anything stand in your way of getting it."

As my way of helping you "jump start" your fitness and weight loss program, I'm sharing with you the 4-Minute Metabolic FIT program that I created several years back for Alli and Del Monte Fit n Right that created  A LOT OF BUZZ! in the Blogging and Fitness Community:

Because of the amazing weight loss success of participants who used it,  the 4 Minute Metabolic FIT Program has been featured in countless magazines, newspapers, tv and radio shows. Below are just some of where it was featured:

Below are just a few of the reactions of the bloggers who witnessed workout: 

Are We Fit 'n Right?
author: Jayson Deuna

"At the workout demonstration, a relatively big guy around 180-200 pounds performed the exercises in 4 minutes. After which, the guy burned 96 calories based on his watch which could measure his heartbeat rate and calories burned. Yes, only 96 calories and not the advertised 400. 

For a while, it seemed like a failed demonstration. And unsurprisingly on my part as I know that in 4 minutes, I could hardly run for a kilometer which would only burn around 75 calories. You really could not burn much on just 4 minutes, right?

Wrong! After about an hour more, while the guy sits on a stool doing absolutely nothing, HE WAS STILL SWEATING CONTINUOUSLY and now burned a total of 311 calories.
Before his discussion on the FIT Workout even ended, the guy had already burned 469 calories!  AMAZING! 


I Dare You To Be Fit ‘N Right!
author: Dennis Aspacio

"To demonstrate this, a the launching of the Dare to be Fit ‘n Right campaign, a guy was asked to do the F.I.T. workout while wearing a calorie counter watch. 

During the workout, the calorie counter registered almost 400 calories burned and the number of calories continued to increase to almost 800 calories ten to fifteen minutes after!

This is a breakthrough because usually, a person running on a treadmill for an hour only burns 200 calories!"


There's a lot more blog write ups about it which you can find on the net just by typing on google search: "Coach Jim Saret 4 Minute Workout" 
Here are couple of links and articles about it which you can browse thru later 

Other articles written about the 4 Min F.I.T. Workout:

As you can see, the Revolutionary 4Minute Metabolic FIT Program I created several years back really works!


And as a member of the Fit-Fil Movement,I will be giving you access to a lot exercise tips, filipino food nutrition advices and NEW 4 Minute Meta-FIT workouts routines to Challenge you even more! 

SO what are you waiting for?

Your Journey Starts Today! 

Below are the guideline on how to do the Revolutionary Meta-FIT Program Correctly. 

I've also attached 2 Videos of Workout A. The first one is how to do Workout A Correctly for semi-fit / fit filipinos.The 2nd one is a Modified Version for those that are not in shape or just starting out. 

The guidelines are still the same though even if you are doing the Modified Version.  


1. It's designed to be done in 4 minutes sharp. After exactly 4 minutes, STOP (no extensions).

2. Since you will only be working out for 4 minutes (instead of the typical 1-1.5 hours), there will be no rest time (if possible) until after the 4 minutes (but pls rest if you really need to specially of you are still new at this).

3. Magic number is 10 reps only. Do 10 reps of each exercise and immediately switch to the next one.

4. After you have completed all the exercises, repeat everything from the start again without taking a break.

5. Your Goal is to do as many rounds as you can in within 4 minutes.

6. For first timers, it is normal to finish 1.5 to 2 rounds. After a few days, you should be trying to do 3 rounds. After 2 weeks, your goal should be to finish 4-5 rounds within 4 minutes. This is also your way of knowing that you are getting Fitter and Stronger.

7. Remember to always go at your own pace, however, to get maximal results, you need to always "challenge" or "push" yourself (only as far as you can go) when doing the workout.

8. What is "challenging" for one is not necessarily challenging for another. Listen to your body! For an active person, a full push up will be challenging for his body. For a newbie, a wall push up or a push on his/her knees will 

equally be challenging already. So there is no need for you to try to do the exercises exactly the way it is shown. Both persons will get the same benefit from the workout as long as their bodies get "challenged."

9. It's ok to use assistance (holding on to a chair, table or the wall) when doing the workout as long as you are still getting the "challenge." Your goal is to eventually perform the exercises without assistance in the future.

10. The 2 best signs to know if you are doing the 4 Min FIT Workout correctly are:

               a. You are panting and gasping for breath by the end of the second or third round
               b. When you are still sweating even after you are done working out already (when I 

                   do it, I'm still sweating even after I shower). 

11. Don't worry about doing the exercises perfectly. Start slow and build yourself up. If you can't do a full squat or push up, then just go as far as you can but still do it fast. In the future, try to go lower or do better.

12. A lot of people can not do the exercises correctly, there are a lot of modifications for each exercise that can give you the same result. Just let me know which ones are difficult for you and I can give you the alternatives

13. KEY CONCEPTS: Do it FAST. Add INTENSITY (by pushing yourself to do as many rounds as you can); Be aware of the TIME; CHALLENGE yourself each time to BEAT your last record; ENJOY AFTER. Nobody usually enjoys while doing it, however, the feeling of satisfaction and pride comes in AFTER doing the workout.

LASTLY, Workout A is just the basic version of the 4 Min Metabolic FIT Workout. There are A LOT MORE 4 Min routines I've created (as your body will eventually get bored and plateau if you do the same exercises over and over). Try to master this one first and get the hang of it. I will sending new workouts later on..

100% of people that did this workout ALL LOST WEIGHT, felt better, happier and got stronger. Dozens of doctors and professionals have called and testified on air that it works.

Your Journey to your New Body and New Life Starts Now.

Let's all become Fit-Filipinos this 2012!

The 4 Minute Metabolic Fat Burning Workout A

1. Bodyweight Planks 10 seconds
2. Bodyweight Squats 10 reps
3. Bodyweight Push-ups 10 reps
4. Bodyweight Lunges 10 per leg

Repeat from Start.
No Rest Breaks.
Complete as many rounds as you can in 4 minutes

Workout A

Modified Workout A

Wednesday, January 18, 2012



2012 is going to be the year you and a million other Filipinos will finally become stronger, fitter and healthier!


With the airing of the Biggest Loser Pinoy Edition here in the Philippines, millions of Filipinos suddenly got inspired to get fitter and healthier. The amazing transformation of all the contestants from Fat to Fit in 4 months suddenly made us realize that IT WAS POSSIBLE TO CHANGE YOUR BODY AND YOUR LIFE. It was definitely a huge awakening for us Filipinos to turn our lives around, be more active and start eating better. 

Never has there been so many Filipinos, whether young or old, that have become so conscious about being fit and healthy than they are today!

Unfortunately, as much as we would like to get fitter and healthier, a lot of us don't really know what to do, where to go or how to go about losing weight properly. 

The advent of information technology has also produced a lot of "Internet or YouTube fitness experts" that give you exercise programs they just copied. It looks impressive at the start but pretty soon you'll realize that they're knowledge is quite limited, or worse, they are giving you wrong advises that can end up getting you hurt.

A lot of Filipinos also don't have access to a gym, or even if they do, most of them don't have time to go to the gym to workout.

All these "confusion" in attaining ones fitness goals has resulted in a lot of Filipinos getting "lost" and end up failing.

Because of my successful Sports Training Programs and Fitness Science expertise in helping the Fittest National Athletes get stronger and the Biggest Loser Contestants get fitter -- safely and scientifically -- I decided to reach out and share my expertise to more Filipinos by creating the FIT-FILIPINO ADVOCACY MOVEMENT.

This Advocacy Program is dedicated to helping a Million Filipinos become Fitter and Healthier this 2012!

Before we continue on though, I think that it's really important for you to know a few things about me first and see what makes me "qualified" to help you (and the rest of the country) become a FIT-FIlipino this 2012.


My name is Jim Saret but almost everyone calls me "Coach Jim."

Yes, I am the trainer on the Biggest Loser Pinoy Edition on ABS-CBN.

No, being the trainer on the Biggest Loser does not automatically make me a "credible" fitness coach (it does make people think I am though).) Being watched by millions of filipinos every night for 4 months makes me very "recognizable," BUT it MAY NOT mean I'm a "credible" fitness expert.

What makes me credible though to help you is/are my:

  • Master's Degree  in Sports Medicine / Athletic Training from Brigham Young University, USA.;
  • 10 years of Sports and Fitness Science Education and Training in the U.S., Japan, Serbia, China, Singapore and Taipei.
  • U.S. Certifications and Affiliations in CrossFit, TRX, Advance Fitness Training, Speed, Agility and Quickness; Boot Camp Training, Youth Fitness Training, First Aid, CPR, Athletic Performance Enhancement, Sports Nutrition, Exercise Physiology and many more.
  • Hands on experience working with World Class Olympic, Professional (NBA, NFL) and NCAA Division 1 Athletes in the U.S. and other countries.
  • 3 years of research and training in an Exercise Physiology and Biomechanics Laboratory in the US and other countries.
  • Internationally Published Graduate Research Thesis (published in the U.S. Journal of Athletic Training) 
  • 5 years of teaching experience as a Sports and Exercise Science Professor at the University of the Philippines.
  • Columnist/ Writer and Fitness Advisory Board Member of Men's Health Magazine.
  • The hundreds of fitness science seminars and workshops I have conducted for doctors, coaches, trainers and fitness professional in the past 10 years.
  • 10 years experience in training our Elite National and Professional Athletes and Teams such as the PBA (Sta.Lucia, Shell, Rain or Shine), RP National Teams (RP Smart Gilas Basketball Team, RP Swimming Team, RP Boxing Team, etc) and Universities (ADMU, AdU, UP)
  • Training and experience with the fittest athletes in the country as Head of Fitness Training of all the RP National Teams by the Philippine Olympic Committee 
  • Last but not the least, my 7 years of real life experience helping "average" people lose weight or attain their fitness goals at my own gym -- Better Bodies Gym QC.
Presently, aside from being the trainer on the Biggest Loser, I am also the Running Science Director of the MILO-APEX Running School (The Biggest and Most Scientific Running Clinic in the Country); Creator and Endorser of the IMMUVIT Meta-FIT Workouts and CEO / Founder of APEX Sports and Fitness Training.

All of the above I have accomplished and have been doing even BEFORE ABS-CBN invited me to be the Trainer on the Biggest Loser.

Now that you who I am, where I'm coming from, and what I do, if you are really serious about transforming your body, your life and become a Certified Fit-Filipino... then WELCOME TO THE FIT-FILIPINO MOVEMENT!


Stay tuned tomorrow for the Scientifically Proven 4 Minute Meta-FIT Workout that's been very effective and successful in helping people lose weight and get fitter!